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Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

Awards include up to $1400 in a stipend for work done and up to $300 for project related expenses.

Notification: 6-8 weeks after the application deadline. All students will be notified.

How to Apply
Submitting Your Proposal
Students With Approved UROPs
Research Presentations

For Students With Approved UROPS

How to Access Your Money: All UROP expensese are handled through your faculty mentor's department. Your award letter listed the contact person in that department. Contact this person to access any approved expense money. The stipend portion of your award will be paid in two payments into your student account as scholarship money. You will receive an initial $700 at the start of the semester in which your project begins. You will receive the final $700 of the award when you have completed the four ending requirements (see below). UROP stipends will no longer be paid as payroll beginning September 1, 2014. If you are graduating at the end of your project, you MUST have all requirements completed by the end of the month prior to graduation or you will forfeit the final $700 of your award. For spring graduation, all requirements must be met by April 30. For summer graduation the final date is July 31. For fall graduation, all requirements must be met by November 30. There are no exceptions.

If You Need Extra Time: The start and end dates of your project were listed in your award letter. If you have not completed all project work and requirements and your end date is approaching, you will need to file an extension in order to stay current with your project. This should be filled out, signed by your mentor and returned to the UROP Office before your current ending date passes. An extension will be approved once only and for one semester only.

At the End of Your Project: Once you have reached the end of your project, there are four ending requirements that must be completed in order for you to access the final $700 of your stipend and be considered done with your UROP award. These include a final report of approximately 3 pages, a completed evaluation form and some public presentation or publication of your results. For ideas on presentation options, please go to the research presentations page. The fourth requirement is that your faculty mentor must sign off on the Verification of Completion form found in the Forms Library to verify that you have completed the project satisfactorily and have completed approximately 120 hours of work. Again, if you are graduating, these requirements must be completed by April 30 for spring graduation, July 31 for summer graduation and November 30 for fall graduation or you will forfeit the final $700 of your award.



The deadline for UROP proposals for research and creative activities in Summer or Fall 2016 is February 29, 2016.

Titles and Mentors for Recently Funded Proposals

Sample Proposals

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