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Why Research?

Join the Crowd!

The University of Minnesota is one of the world’s great research universities. On our campuses, at our field stations and in our communities, literally tens of thousands of students, faculty and staff create new knowledge and develop new examples of human expression each and every day. We share the enterprise of research and creative activity with other universities, institutes, laboratories, companies and individuals around the entire world. We contribute irrevocably to human culture—the store of human knowledge and expression. You are an important member of our community. Join now in one of our most important activities.

By Doing Research and Creative Activity, You Will

Receive a Scholarship

Undergraduate Research Scholarship (URS) awardees and students in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) receive a scholarship for their research and creative activities.


The deadline for UROP proposals for research and creative activities in Summer or Fall 2016 is February 29, 2016.